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Waterworld related games

For just about every movie, they make a game. Waterworld is no exception. So far I have counted about six games for it, which wasn't bad at all considering the movie's bad rep.

There will be a lot more to come on this page, special thanks to for cutting their account space from 50 MBs to 20 . . . Baastids.

Anyway. One day while I was bored and looking for Waterworld things on the Internet, I tried getting some info on games. Although I had heard about the Waterworld game for the Virtual Boy (and how much it sucked), I had never ever heard of the same thing for the Super NES and Game Boy, which is a damn shame, because they aren't bad at all! Well, by today's standards one would say they suck, but hey, those were made years ago so it's acceptable. Besides, I still find myself playing my old NES upstairs sometimes.

I will try to have some reviews of the games ASAP (that means a few months) as well as some more games up here. Probably not for download though, unless I can find a good job so I can afford more web space.

Even though they didn't do any damage to my computer, these things come with no warranty whatsoever, so use them at your own risk. They probably won't destroy your hard drive, give you a virus, or make your computer turn green and explode, but don't come crying to me if they do.

These ROMs and emulators were taken from other web sites, I have not altered them in any way. They are NOT mine. If you want to give credit to whoever made them available in the first place, there is a link to their sites in the .zip file somewhere. And speaking of .zip files, you will need an unzipping program to open these things if you want to run them. If you do not have one, go to Or do a net search on "unzipping programs" if you think Microsoft is the Devil.

Oh and before my In-Box gets flooded with questions, I should say this right here: I will not answer any technical questions regarding the ROMs! If you have technical questions, your best bet is an online community that deals with ROMs and emulators, your friends, and maybe the Way to Waterworld forum (in case we have any computer whizes lurking about hehe).

And last but not least, using copyrighted roms is illegal, even worse if you don't actually own the cartridge. To be safe, delete these from your computer after 24 hours . . . What about me you say? I have all the cartridges right here sitting next to me (yay, eBay!), so I'm allowed to have these hehe.

Have fun!

Super NES stuff:

Here is the Super Nintendo Waterworld ROM.

. . . And the SNES emulator that you will need to run it.

Game Boy stuff:

Here is the Game Boy Waterworld ROM.

Game Boy emulator. Can't leave home without it!

Virtual Boy stuff:

Here is the Virtual Boy Waterworld ROM.

And of course, the Virtual Boy emulator.

Other Waterworld related games:

There is also a Waterworld pinball game, board game, and computer game, but I don't have much information about them. Rest assured though, I'm trying my hardest to get the computer game! Once I have it though, chances are you'll have it shortly after too.