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You have just opened the Way to Waterworld's history book. On this page is written all that happened to the site from day one. Let's review:

Note: The updates go from top to bottom, the most recent ones being at the bottom (they start after that litle story). Just like in a book. Realistic eh?

Sometime in early July 2000

Somewhere in Atlantic Canada, in an average looking house, was a little teenager on the internet at three in the morning. That teenager's name was Gorax Mog, he was 18 and wasn't able to sleep that night.

"Boring, boring, boring!" he was saying to himself. Then his thoughts started to wander and came to rest on Waterworld, one of his favorite movies.

"Waterworld" he thought "Why don't I do a net search on that?". And he did.

*hours later*

"Damnit!" he yelled, pounding on the keyboard (not too loud for fear that his parents would wake up). He then went on to complain to one of the few ICQ contacts that were online at the time.

"Hey, you know that Waterworld movie?"


"Well, try as I might, I can't find jack shit about it all over the Internet!"

The conversation was around Waterworld for a bit, but then went on to something else, although Gorax kept searching until he went to bed.

Two weeks later

Gorax had searched the internet relentlessly, and found a few Waterworld related pages. But it wasn't enough. Most of them were old and negative movie reviews and the VERY occasionnal fan page. He didn't even bother with the movie reviews anymore, they were only repeating themselves.

The one good thing he DID find though, was a Yahoo! club for Waterworld, to which he promptly enrolled.

He was still chatting away with someone on ICQ (or was it MSN?) at some time in the morning when he landed for the 4th time on an error filled Waterworld fan page.

"Argh! Why can't people fix their God damned errors!?" he complained, because that error filled page had potential. He wondered if it was abandonned like most others were.

He then popped his ICQ window back up and started typing.

"Hell, I can make a better Waterworld page than this!"

"Hehe, make one!"

And that was what got the ball rolling.

Gorax immediately searched for a good web page hosting service and, after many unsatisfying servers, ended up on Tripod.

After asking a few questions here and there about what a good web site needs, he got to work on the page, and made up a basic introductory page. Because of laziness though, that simple, crappy introductory page stayed up longer than expected.

But then the updates started appearing, each one faster than the last one. The site was actually getting somewhere. And this, my friends, is where the site is now. It's far from complete, yes, but it's on its way . . . On the other hand, this little story is 100% complete. And now I'll write down what's been added when.

Now here's what you've all been waiting for: the updates! *silent crowd*

Around a month later:

The following things have been added:
- The Message Board
- The Repair Shack
- The empty Links page
- The movie trailer . . . Finally, CONTENT!
- Little graphics here and there

There, I think that's it. I have also made a mental note to remember the dates I add things. Let's try it.


The part of the site you are now looking at has been created, and I'm off to a good start at remembering dates.


Another movie trailer has been added.


The picture gallery, 49 pics included, is now up. Now people actually have a reason to stay at the site for more than 5 minutes.


I've added a bit of content to the Repair Shack, and have finally put up a few links on the links page.


I've added a button and a title image for the history page. I've also added the "back" button which you can see below, now there won't be any more unprofessionnal looking "Click here to go back to the main page" lines at the end of each page. There is also another link up on the links page.

Unknown Date

I know I did SOMETHING to the site between these two updates. Just don't remember what it was. Couldn't have been something too important. Damn my memory.


From 2000 to 2002. God damn, has it really been that long?? I did a few little things to the site, like fixing buttons and graphics here and there. Also got a new message board.

Note: I felt like changing the way this page works. Now instead of containing just what I changed with the site, I will put every past bit of news I had written on the main page on here (so now the little dates above every entry are the date they got taken OFF the main page and dumped into here). This page will double as an update page and an archived news page. Here is the last news I had on there, it will seem familiar, especially if you have been chacking back once in a while for the past . . . Eight months? Here it is:

Eeech, it's been a LONG while since the last update so I thought it would be good to make another one. Another more POSITIVE one.

I now have a new computer! Well not NEW, but better. MUCH better. Do you want to hear the story? No? Tough, I will tell you the story anyway:

Back in early june, my (as in "my family's") computer got a virus. I took it to the shop where we got it, and after two weeks they finally called us back saying that it was messed up beyond repair. They were able to back up some important files (the Way to Waterworld files to be more precise), and they decided to simply give us a whole new computer for just a bit more.

From a Pentium 166 to a Pentium 3 766 . . . I am planning on getting a virus again once this computer becomes obsolete :D

Waterworld comics: Still no scanner. I DO have a job now though, so it is only a matter of weeks. Yes weeks. Can't be too fast with money while working part time at Mcdonald's *L*

Waterworld sound files: Parents have "borrowed" my TV because it works better than theirs. Kuh. Once I can make some ORDER in this small junk heap that is the computer room, and bring the TV down here to record the Waterworld sounds from it, they will be up here :)

This just in: Waterworld ROMs!! One for Game Boy, One for SNES, and one for the Virtual Boy. And yes, I have all the emulators to play them (although I think there is something wrong with the Vboy one) They will be available for download as soon as I check out a few things with . . . If I'm not allowed to do it, well . . . I'll just have to find a way around that ;)

If you are impatient and don't want to wait for them to be up here, my e-mail is listed lower in this page.

Message board: I am thinking of making it with EZboard. EZboard is nice, if you don't mind the fact that 3/4 of your clicks while on an EZboard forum will be for Xing popup ads *L*

Picture gallery: I have absolutely no idea which pics are which anymore. This calls for thumbnails. They will be done . . . Sometime :)


My god . . . I HAVE BEEN LINKED TO! The only reason why I wasn't joyfully jumping up and down when I learned this was the fact that it was 4 in the morning, and jumping up and down was only an invitation to wake up my parents so they would come down here and kick my ass.

I wouldn't normally be this excited, but the ones who linked to me happen to run the "Waterworld: The most misunderstood movie of its time" site, which kicks ass. I have linked back to them in the links page. It's the one on top, you can't miss it!

This is probably why I am made a quick update yesterday. Has it ever happened to you one day when your whole house was a god damn mess, there was a three foot high pile of dishes by the kitchen sink, the carpet hadn't been vacuumed in over a month, you had dirty pairs of underwear lying around here and there, that pile of cat barf had been lying there for almost 2 days, and then at 4 PM a phone call wakes your ass out of bed. The caller happens to be your mother, a very big clean freak, and she is passing through your neighborhood at the moment. She would like to stop by for a visit. Your reaction is the same one I had when I stopped by the Waterworld: page and saw that they had linked to me - Shit! I need to clean this place up!!

But this was a GOOD thing, as it brought me back to the world of updating. Somewhat. Today I did feel like working on the site all day, but an 8 hour problem called "work" had to show its ugly face. I will probably update later today.

Old OLD news:

I have figured (or rather, someone told me *L*) that the WaterWorld movie I taped off TV a few years ago was actually the version with all the extra scenes in it! If it hadn't been censored and that storm warning would not have been there, it would have been perfect! Still though, it is nice to know that I am one of the few that have the uncut tape . . . I also managed to find the normal version on eBay for five dollars (five CANADIAN dollars, including shipping and handling! How cool is that *LOL*)

All questions, comments, feedback, and hate mail about this site should be sent to But due to lengthy Diablo 2 games, don't expect a response right away *L* You may have noticed that my e-mail has changed. The change was required because of Hotmail's partnership with this bastard:



WHAT THEY DID: Changed the internet password. Revoked Diablo 2 privileges.

WHAT THEY DID: Made their web space go down from 50MBs to 20 MBs.

The only good thing to come out of this garbage is that since I lost my Diablo 2 time, I will have a lot more time to update the site. Every cloud has a silver lining . . . Every huge-ass God damned cloud.

Things to look forward to are Waterworld games, in the games section (duh!). And a Video section where I will put the movie trailers which have been loitering around on the main page for far too long.

For some other news, I have seen a sa-WEET Mariner action figure on eBay. Wasn't cheap though, at 183$ US. Even the starting bid was too much for me! However I did take screenshots of the auction, and I will put them up here sometime so everyone else can see the figure.


As you can see, there has not been an update in a while. This is mostly due to the fact that I got a new computer. The Way to WaterWorld files are on my old computer (upstairs, with no internet connection or a connection to this computer), and this one has almost nothing on it. Rest assured however, that I am asking for a network card this Christmas! It remains to be seen if Santa claus will be an asshole like the previous year when he neglected to get me the fighter jet I wanted. Naughty my ass!

Speaking of Christmas. Christmas means toys. I recently won an auction for a complete set of Waterworld action figures which I should receive shortly (UPS is as slow as on a bad day). OH! I should mention that I now have my very own digital camera! Will be nice for taking pictures of the figures. I still don't know if I'll keep them in their packaging to let them gain value, or tear the packaging open like a greedy little eight year old. I'm betting on the latter though.

This computer has a VIDEO CAPTURE CARD!! That means I can take screenshots of Waterworld to embelish the site's picture gallery if I manage to figure out how to plug the VCR into it so it works. Something I haven't been able to do yet. Hopefully later . . .


On to issue #2 now, the image gallery. It might have come to your attention that the image gallery is still without thumbnails, contrairly to what I've promised. This is one of the many reasons why I'm not a politician. Anyway--this will be more of a downdate than update--I will probably have to tear down the whole pictures page and delete all the imges before I make a good page with all the thumbnails included. The reason for this is that since I have not updated it in ages, I have no clue which pictures are which anymore. When I re-upload them, I will categorize them so everything will be easier to keep track of. Sometimes you just have to start anew o_O

. . . That's all folks!


Yes, an update. The scrolling marquee isn't lying for once!

I have come to one conclusion: I need a God damned scanner. If anyone has one to give me, send me an e-mail please. With a scanner I will be able to upload all the comics onto this site (probably while making tripod whine about my account size) as well as Waterworld related artwork that I have made. Yes, both of them.

Guess what I did today while I should have been at work: PICTURE GALLERY! Every pic now has its very own thumbnail. A few of them may not work though, I've looked into it already. The link is correct, the picture is correct, but it's not working. My guess is that is having its period. I will keep trying to make them load.

And some more updates:

I have just bid on some magazines on eBay that contain Waterworld articles. It will be a good thing for this site in the future. I NEED A DAMN SCANNER >_< Damnit! I'll ask for one for my birthday. No, I will DEMAND one for my birthday!

Wow! Even more work done while I should have been at work! Today (06/12/03) I have even put the rest of the games up for download on the games page. Yes, I fixed the link for the games page too.