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Picture Gallery
(self explanatory)

Welcome to the Way to Waterworld's picture gallery. On these pages are Waterworld pictures that I have gathered from all over the internet. They are NOT mine, and if the unlikely odds make it happen that whoever captured these images sees this page with all their pretty pictures on it, then please, do not sue me. I am simply a fan with a lot of time on my hands who is simply trying to make a web page for other people's viewing pleasure. You know, just like you were trying to do before your page became abandonned.

And if you're from MCA Universal, then please don't sue me either as I'm giving Waterworld the publicity that you guys won't make yourselves. For free!

. . . And if you're one of the people that actually acted in the movie then hey, email me! Please?

But for the pictures, here you go:

This is it for now. More pictures will come as they become available (thanks, eBay!) and as soon as I can figure out my video capture card.

If you want to steal a few pictures from this gallery, help yourself. I won't mind as long as you take the time to do a few extra keystrokes to create a link to my page or at least say you got them from Oh, and try not to overdo it either (by that I mean steal all the pics and put them on your own site) because you wouldn't look too bright if you made a carbon copy of this site.