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Video Section
More original title coming soon

From now on, everything that is Waterworld and is in the form of a video will be located on this part of the site. Seems exciting eh? Well, it will be once I add some more stuff on here! For now all we have are the two movie trailers which used to be on the main page.

As you probably know (and can probably tell by looking at the info) the first trailer is a longer movie, and its file size is smaller. This may make you wonder why I even bothered putting the second one there. You see, I will do anything* for more content, looking like an idiot included. Enjoy the trailers!

Waterworld trailer #1 1.76 MBs, 2.07 seconds. MOV file (zipped).

Waterworld trailer #2 4.26 MBs, 0.44 seconds. MPEG file (zipped).

Both trailers are zipped, so you will need an unzipping program to unzip them. If you don't have one, then simply go to and download one for free. Yes, FREE.

You might need to download some software (also free, it will let you know) to view them too. They both played allright on Windows Media Player for me.

* Well okay, not ANYTHING . . . Go get a hand job somewhere else :P