Links to other Waterworld related pages!

There's not many links here right now, but they'll be here soon! (I know: You've heard that before)

Waterworld related pages:

Waterworld: The most misunderstood movie of its time.
Daaaaamn good. They update :D

Bigdummy's Waterworld page.
It has some pics, info, and all the usual things you find on a movie fan page.

Waterworld at
Yet another fan page.

Another Waterworld page (unnamed).
The link says it all.

Waterworld credits and stills.
A general page about Watereorld at Movieweb.

Waterworld production information.
Tons on info on how the movie was made. And I do mean TONS.

Tina Majorino pages:

Tina Majorino.
The only Tina site you'll ever need!

And that's it! Waterworld fan pages are extremely hard to find (especially when I have no time to look for them). If you know of one that isn't listed here though, then please let me know.

I'll try to have more stuff related to Waterworld's actors.